31 Plays in 31 Days – YEAR THREE!


Well, it’s that time of year again. August is upon us, and it’s time to attempt to plant 31 theatrical seeds in one very harried month.

As is my way, I’ve set myself a challenge for this year’s plays: to attempt to make each of them EXACTLY one page (per whatever document software I happen to be using, most likely Google docs). My hope is that this will force expediency of expression and not turn into an editing nightmare.

Like last year, I’ll be posting the completed plays as I finish them here, for your reading enjoyment. Hopefully my goal to keep ’em concise will make for an ideal online reading experience. The caveat is that I’m also working on a set of radio plays for the second season of “The Focus Group: Casual Fridays” SEASON TWO. As I finish them, I’ll count them toward my total but will only be able to post tantalizing previews.

Well, my trip to Montreal already has me a few days in the hole; so I better get cracking. To you, happy writing, and to me, hurried writing.


About misterpaulhagen

Editor-in-Chief of Metrosource Magazine - http://www.metrosource.com. Contributor to Sirius/XM's The Focus Group - http://focusgroupradio.com. Co-creator and Master of Ceremonies of the "Casual Fridays" podcast, which you can download free here - http://itun.es/i6t6b6 - Graduate of Fordham University
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  1. Paul InMass says:

    My breath is bated

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