#31Plays31Days Year 5: A Season of Lies


The time is here again, friends: August, the month of 31 Plays in 31 Days. It’s hard to believe that I once wondered if I could make it through even one of these marathons, but 2016 will be my fifth consecutive year of churning out 31 plays over the course of one month.

In previous years, I’ve set myself goals in terms of length (exactly one page per play), style (all plays in verse) and content (plays dictated by Story Dice). This year, I’ve decided to dedicate myself a theme: Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them.

Some years ago, I was fortunate to attend Robert McKee’s famous “Story” Seminar. Over the course of several days, McKee shared many lessons with us eager writers, but one that stuck with me is: It is always more interesting to watch an actor say what their character doesn’t mean.

Rather than attempt to unpack that lesson here, I will try to demonstrate it over the course of the coming month. There will be times when I deliver a play a day like clockwork; there will likely be times when I seem woefully behind pace; there may even be times when I get a little bit ahead of the game. Whenever they reach your eyes, I hope you enjoy the ride.

Or do I?


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2 Responses to #31Plays31Days Year 5: A Season of Lies

  1. Matt Gurry says:

    You’ve always been my favorite unreliable narrator.

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