#31plays31days Y6 #27. The Lady Is Crying


THE LADY’S CRYING – A Short Play by Paul Hagen


FREEDOM enters, dressed in a shimmering array of stars and stripes. She is standing at the base of the statue of liberty.


FREEDOM: Somewhere beyond the harbor of a massive, shining city

A lady stands – now old and green – but in her way so pretty

She’s watching over all the people that she’s long protected.

And she’s got some concerns about someone whom they elected.

He found his way to power like a bully, talking smack;

He had a problem with the fact the President was black.

He said that President was not industrious enough;

So when he got to office, he mostly played golf and stuff.

He shared his strong concern that Mexicans might soon invade us.

And those who disagreed with him, well, he tried to persuade us:

That he was not afraid of them because their skin was brown,

That in his orange mind white’s always up while dark is down;

But it’s tough not to feel when Nazis wave signs with his name

That he does not feel similarly or, perhaps, the same.

Especially since it’s not all foreigners that he’s afraid of,

The paler ones in Russia — he seems to like what they’re made of.

Meanwhile, at home he cheers when Congress tries to tank health care

For people who are poor or really who need it anywhere.

His staffing efforts also have left many quite frustrated,

Of late it seems they’re mostly fired or related.

But, hey, it’s just our massive military he commands:

He might decide their lives and deaths — or discharge, if they’re trans.

He moans the media’s the thing that makes him seem so mad.

But all it takes is his own words to make her feel so sad.


FREEDOM points up to the statue, taking a long slow look at her before looking back at the audience.


There’s a lady in the harbor of a proud and diverse city,

Where many think the fact he calls it home is kind of shitty.

They named her after liberty and liberty is dying.

They say if you look closely, you might even see her crying.




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